Earn 1500 Ethereum Every 100 Days

Earn 1500 Ethereum Every 100 Days

Crypto currency is a digital money system that enable you buy and sell crypto currency and sell to banks and Interested individuals within and outside Nigeria

So e.g. if this crypto currency is bitcoin and etherum
Like now 1 bitcoin is valued at 2.6 million. But 2.6 million is too .much for you.
So our platform enable you buy this Ethereum at a lower price, store them and and resell it when the price is high.
But as you are storing it, you’re also earning huge amount into your wallet

This how our platform works

If you register with 0.035ETH equivalent to 3.5k, all you need to do is to refer just 2 persons. Encourage these 2 persons to refer their own persons and so on.
Now if you where able to get more than 2 persons, good and fine. What happens is that you put them under those that are already under you and the chain continue to grow.

Like now I have 2 persons under me. If I get any other person, am placing them under you. This is where *TEAM WORK* come to play. So you don’t grow based on your effort alone, we help ourselves.

When these 2 persons under you, you’re in level 1 and you earn #1080

When these 2 persons refer their own 2 persons each, you earn #10900 and upgrade to level 2….the chain continues

Now imagine You have up to 32 under you I.e. level 5, my more than 3m belongs to you.

It’s real and authentic… 

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The principal concept is that you trade Crypto currency.

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Earn 1500 Ethereum Every 100 Days

A Summary of How it Works

Level 1 entry level=> one time investment of 0.03eth 2 downlines will send you 0.03eth each = 0.06Eth

Level 2 upgrade=> with 0.05eth
4 downlines will donate 0.05eth

Level 3 upgrade=> with 0.1eth
8 downlines to pay you 0.1eth each=0.8eth

Level 4=> upgrade with 0.4eth
16 downlines will pay 0.4eth each =6.4eth

Level 5=> upgrade with 1eth
32 downlines to pay 1eth each=32eth

At this level you recircle and join again.


At level 1, profit is 0.01ETH OR N1000
At level 2, profit is 0.1 ETH OR N11,000
At level 3, profit is 0.4 ETH OR N45,500
At level 4, profit is 5.4 ETH OR N540,000
At level 5, profit is 32 ETH OR N3,000,000


we work together to achieve this vision as a team by helping every member of the team in getting downlines

So you dont have to stress about referrals, wise investors work as a team to provide downlines for all. But to move real fast you *must* refer 2 at least

1-2 days to complete level 1
2-5 days to complete level 2
5-9 days to complete level 3
9-30 days to complete level 4
30-60 days to complete level 5

= 31-60 days

1-2 month project
Turn 0.03ETH =N3500 to 32ETH =N3,809,780.

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