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See How Fighter Jets Destroyed Boko Haram Hideout In Borno (Photos/Video)

The Air Task Force (ATF) of Operation LAFIYA DOLE, on 3 August 2018, conducted a successful attack on a Boko Haram Terrorists’ (BHTs) Hideout in Daban Masara in Borno State.

The surgical air strikes were conducted on the strength of credible intelligence which indicated that remnants of BHTs on the Lake Chad Islands were hiding out in settlements at the Southern part of the lake, including DABAN MASARA, and were amassing in some buildings for a meeting.

An air interdiction mission was therefore planned and executed to destroy 2 out of the green roofed buildings within DABAN MASARA that were identified as BHT rendezvous points.

Upon receiving the intelligence, the ATF dispatched a NAF Alpha Jet aircraft, along with an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) platform, to attack the 2 buildings where the BHTs were gathered with bombs.

Overhead the area of interest, the Alpha Jet successfully released its bombs on the targets in successive strikes leading to massive destruction of the target buildings as well as the neutralization of several BHTs.

Watch Video Below;


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