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Post UTME Cut-off marks of all Nigerian universities in 2018-19

Since in Nigerian universities post UTME screening is still valid, students start to wonder what the cut-off marks in different Nigerian universities are. It’s necessary to know such details before applying because students who don’t pass the threshold are at risk of not obtaining admission.

Every university has a different threshold to cross with these points for a range of their own reasons. Everything a student should know when applying for the post-UTME screening is the exact cut-off mark of a certain university, a college or polytechnic.

Are there any rules about the lowest Nigerian universities cut-off marks for admission?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has set certain limitations for tertiary educational facilities in order to regulate the cut-off mark policy within each such institution and in all of them, in general.

For instance, the lowest cut-off marks in Nigerian universities is 120 points. The lowest threshold for colleges and polytechnics is 100. Universities are free to increase the level within the sensible limits but they are no way allowed to decrease the number of necessary points. Now, let’s see what Nigerian universities and their cut-off marks are currently.

In Federal Universities, the situation is as follows:

In State Universities, the cut-off marks are the following:

The situation in Federal Polytechnics is as such:

State Polytechnics:

It looks like this is all the information you need to know about the cut-off marks 2018/19. If you have found it useful, share the information with your friends!


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